Pearl Snaps & Dust

If you're a musician looking for exposure to thousands of shoppers, this is the place to be!


Event Dates & Times: Saturday, March 9th, 10am-5pm and Sunday, March 10th, 11am-4pm

Musicians who perform at Pearl Snaps & Dust will receive the following:
Promotion on Pearl Snaps & Dust event website
Promotion on Funky Finds' Instagram, Twitter & Facebook
Promotion in Funky Finds' email newsletter
Promotion on ZTR.FM's website
Promotion on ZTR's Instagram, Twitter & Facebook
ZTR.FM will run a banner ad during March at no charge to advertise your mp3 download for sale
Opportunity to sell merchandise during the event
Opportunity to receive monetary tips during performance

Emcee and music production provided by ZTR.FM

Additional information you'd like us to be aware of (optional).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my performance at Pearl Snaps & Dust as a cd release/promotional opportunity?
Yes! We would be happy to promote that you'll be releasing your CD at the event.

How long will I be allowed for my performance?
This is flexible depending on your availability.

What genres are acceptable?
We are looking for music that is pleasing to listen to while shopping. We are open to Blues, Country, Pop, Soft Rock, etc.

Will power be available?
Power will be available for mics and small amps.

Is there an admission or parking fee?
Admission to event is FREE. Parking fee is $10 per day payable to the City of Fort Worth by cash or credit card.